Fee Structrue


Fees for the programme is payable in four installments over the two years and payable at the beginning of each term. The approximate amount of fee and deposits for the programme is given in the tables below. When deemed necessary, the institute may revise the fees.

Installments wise Fee

Fees First (Rs.) Second (Rs.) Third (Rs.) Fourth (Rs.)
  45,000/- 40,000/- 45,000/- 40,000/-
Date At the Time of Admission 15th Nov (current Year) 10th May (Nex Year) 15th Nov (Nex Year)

Note : Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, Library Fee, Computer Fee and Transportation Fee included. Excluding University Registration & Examination Fee.


Hostel (Optional)

Fees First Year Second Year
  75,000/- 70,000/-
Date Latest by 15th June (current Year) Latest by 30th June (current Year)