Message From Member Secratery

Member Secratery

"Man is neither rnere intellect, nor the gross animal body, nor the heart or soul along proper and harmonious combination of all the three is required for making the whole man, and constitutes the true spirit of education." (Mahatma Gandhi). Education is not a physical thing that can be delivered through the post. Fertile and robust education is always created, rooted in the physical and cultural soil of the child, and nourished through interaction with parents, teachers, peer group and the community.

In such situation, the role and dignity of teachers rnust be strengthened and underlined. To realize the true spirit of education, we need the teachers with commitment, cornpetency and confidence with professionalism to develop the hands, the brain and the soul of children who would flourish as responsible citizens of tomorrow. 

It is found that a large number of schools in Jharkhand and Bihar states suffer with acute shortage of trained and qualified teachers. Netaji Subhas Institute of Education (N.S.I.Ed) is committed to provide qualitative input to the teachers to fulfill the need of our state and region.