Message From Principal

Dr. Jyoti Prakash Swain
Principal, NSIEd Pokhari

Dear Students,

I welcome you to the Netaji Subhas Institute of Education. The progress of a country depends upon the quality and capability of its teachers and from this reason teaching is the noblest among all profession. To get the expertise in teaching profession, training is must. Training is necessary for efficient work in teaching profession. The purpose of training is to bring excellence in profession. Training emphasizes on development of specific knowledge, attitude skills and behavior pattern which an individual require to perform a job adequately. Netaji Subhas Institute of education was started in 2012, Pokhari, Bhilai Pahari, East Sighbhum, Jamshedpur-12, Jharkhand with the dream to prepare quality teacher. It is recognized by NCTE and a constitute unit of Netaji Subhas University, Pokhari , Bhilai Pahari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Today, there is a flood of Colleges of Education. At the end of the completion of training, students feel that they have wasted their time and money, because most of the Teacher training institutions are not focusing on quality education. Keeping in view the time and fast development in educational field around the world, Netaji Subhas Institute of Education has developed rich resource centers in the field of computer, science & Mathematics, Psychology ,Art & Craft and Educational Technology. The prime objectives of our institution are to equip teacher trainees with professional skill that are required to face the challenges of the competitive world. Our mission is to develop the institution as a great centre of excellence for highly specialized trained teacher for the country. I welcome your interest in N.S.I.Ed.

Dr. Jyoti Prakash swain